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Pend Oreille County partners with the MRSC (Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington) to provide our roster of Consultants, Vendors and Contractors. The MRSC has a paid option as well as a no-cost option for registration as a business in one of these categories. Please visit the MRSC website for information on how to become registered.

To be registered as a Planholder, please submit email from link provided below the project. Registered Planholders will be notified by email with any addendums or changes. It will be the responsibility of non-registered holders to check for these changes on this page.

2023 Winter Maintenance Sand North County & Mid County

Accepting Sealed Bids

Sealed bids are being accepted for the following:

  • North County Winter Maintenance Sand-4,000 cubic yards
  • Mid County Winter Maintenance Sand-3,000 cubic yards

Request for Bids

2023 Road Salt

Seeking Sealed Quotes

Sealed quotations are requested to supply 330 tons of Road Salt, delivery included. Must be registered with the MRSC Rosters at time of award.

Request for Sealed Quotations

2023 Gravel Road Stabilization


Project awarded to GMCO Corporation

$184.33 Per ton applied

2023 Maintenance Gravel


Awarded to all vendors submitting bids:

  • Newport Equipment
  • Toner’s Sand & Gravel
  • Bode’s Sand & Gravel
  • Green Dream International
  • Versatile Industries
  • Peak Sand & Gravel
  • WM Winkler

Bid Tabulation

2023 Fog Oil


  • SCHEDULE I Awarded to Idaho Asphalt Supply, Inc.
  • SCHEDULE II Awarded to Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions

2023 Pavement Preservation HMA


Awarded to all vendors submitting bids:

  • Interstate Concrete & Asphalt
  • Inland Asphalt
  • Poe Asphalt
  • Central Manufacturing

2023 Bridge Inspections Revised Request for Qualifications


Project awarded to Nichols-Kovich Engineering

CRP 847 Leclerc Rd North Overlay MP 29.2-32.2

Project Awarded

Project Awarded to Central Washington Asphalt Inc.

Bid Tabulation

2022 Road Salt


Purchase Awarded to GMCO Corp to provide 300 tons of delivered Road Salt

On-Call Bridge Engineering Services


Consulting Awarded to Nichols-Kovich Engineering

CRP845 Usk/ Ione Bridges Bundled Rehabilitation


Engineering Services related to Bridge Rehabilitation, Environmental Permitting & Construction Management for CRP845has been awarded to Nicholls-Kovich engineering

CRP843 Smackout Pass Bridge Replacement Federal Lands Access Program WA Pend Oreille 7140(1)

Project Awarded

Project Awarded to Versatile Industries Inc.

Bid Tabulation

2021 LiDAR UAV


LiDAR UAV purchase awarded to Quadcopter

STP(R) SP201 2020 Pavement Preservation Re-Bid

Project Awarded

Project awarded to Interstate concrete and Asphalt

2022 Road & Bridge Deck Sweeping


Project awarded to Selkirk Sweeping

2021 Bridge Inspections



On-Call Geotechnical Services Consultant

Contract Awarded

The contract was awarded to Budinger and Associates & Aspect Consulting for a total anticipated value of $60,000

2020 Maintenance Gravel

Material Purchase Awarded

Awarded to all vendors submitting bids

Bid Tabulation

Environmental Consultant-CRP 843 Smackout Pass Bridge Replacement


Project awarded to Anderson Environmental Consulting

On-Call Environmental Services Consultant


Awarded to T-O Engineers