Road Department

Bridge over river

The Road Department is responsible for all county road maintenance and construction work as well as projects performed by the three county road maintenance districts. The Road Department administers county road and equipment funds; designs road projects and issues calls for bids. We are also responsible for road survey design and contract administration of county road construction projects.

Mission Statement

To provide safe and efficient traffic corridors for the traveling public.

Engineering Team

(509) 447-4513

Maintenance Team

District Shops

South County

District 1 Road Shop
9302 Deer Valley Rd.
Newport, WA  99156
Roy Anderson

Mid County

District 2 Road Shop
721 Jared Rd.
Usk, WA  99180
Derek Stockdill

North County

District 3 Road Shop
161 Sullivan Lake Rd.
Ione, WA  99139
Paul Miller