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Protecting the Pend Oreille Ecosystem for Everyone's Benefit and Use

The Pend Oreille County Weed Board is charged by Washington state law with the cooperative control and management of noxious weeds. For more information about this law click here. Through education, outreach and management measures, the board protects the Pend Oreille county ecosystem for everyone’s use and economic benefit. Weed Board offices are open and personnel in office available for consultation Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 8am-4:30pm.

In 1985, a group of farmers circulated a petition and presented it to the county commissioners seeking activation of the county Noxious Weed Control Board. They established the need for a coordinated, countywide weed control program and the commissioners granted the request. As there are 897,280 acres under more than 15,000 different land owners, it is necessary to understand the Weed Board cannot personally control all the weeds. The law is clear. It is the responsibility of landowners and managers to control weeds on their property and the Weed Board’s responsibility to ensure that weeds are controlled at least to minimum standards.

The Weed Board promotes cooperative weed control through public education and by personal or written contacts with landowners. Written contacts are a progressive, multi-step notification process. It is NOT the intent of the Board to place any undue financial burden on any landowner. We have a cost-share program for weeds designated for mandatory control and limited cost share funds for weeds a landowner may choose to control. By request, we will assist all landowners in identifying noxious weeds and the measures for controlling them.

Need more help identifying a weed? Click here to visit a site with an awesome tool that can help!


Weed Board seeking Dist. 5 board member

We are currently seeking a Board Member to fill the open positions in District 5. To further inquire please call our direct line at 509 447 2402. You can also find the application, directions for applying, and map here.

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