Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Neighborhood Cooperative Cost-Share

This program provides landowners with an opportunity to manage their weeds more cost-effectively. It requires a landowner to join forces with at least one other Pend Oreille County resident in developing and carrying-out a weed management program.

This program is available for weeds on land and in the water. Applications are accepted annually, March through April and funds are limited so it is first-come, first serve. Approved proposals are eligible to cost-share at 50% with a cap of $500 per group.

Eligible costs for sharing include applying weed prevention principles, using biocontrol agents, fertilizing, seeding or planting competitive vegetation, mulching, mowing, digging or applying herbicides.

To get your application early plan on attending our annual workshop held annually in March.

Mandatory Control Weeds Cost-Share

Removing a small population of a noxious weed before it’s allowed to spread across the landscape saves a lot of time and money over time. We offer cost-share management practices at 50%, for any noxious weed on our class A or class B designate list, and priority weeds on our class B and C lists. If we perform the work, our minimum charge is $25.00.

Equipment Rental

We rent 4-gallon back-pack sprayers and 100-gallon slip-in power sprayers that fit into a pick-up truck bed. Weed Board staff will facilitate landowners in developing and implementing their weed management programs. We will calculate the amount of herbicide needed or instruct landowners on how to operate our rental equipment. We will identify and provide pictures and information for any noxious weed to any landowner.

Biocontrol (FREE)

We offer assistance in developing a biological control of weeds program for larger weed populations, such as spotted knapweed, Dalmatian toadflax, Canada thistle, and St. Johnswort. Biological agents (insects) are screened and tested through a long and scientifically structured process to ensure they are specific to the target weed. Procuring the agents, releasing and monitoring them are supported by grant funding and are offered free to landowners.

*Please contact our office via email, lnichols [at], or phone, 509-447-2402, if you have any questions about our cost-share program, bio-control or equipment rental, or if you would like to sign up for the Neighborhood Cost-Share program.

The Pend Oreille County Weed Board is charged by Washington state law with the cooperative control and management of noxious weeds. Through education, outreach and management measures, the board protects the Pend Oreille county ecosystem for everyone’s use and economic benefit. Weed Board offices are open and personnel in office available for consultation Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 8 a.m. -4:30 p.m.