Civil Service Board

Civil Service Commission

The purpose of the Civil Service Board is to establish a merit system of employment for county deputy sheriffs and other employees of the office of the county sheriff, thereby raising the standards and efficiency of such offices and law enforcement in general. (RCW 41.14.010). 

Powers and Duties of the Civil Service Commission

The powers and duties of this commissioner are defined in RCW 41.14.06: 
(1) To make suitable rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions hereof. Such rules and regulations shall provide in detail how examinations may be held, and appointments, promotions, reallocations, transfers, reinstatements, demotions, suspensions, and discharges shall be made, and may also provide for any other matters connected with the general subject of personnel administration, and which may be considered desirable to further carry out the general purposes of this chapter. 
(2) To give practical tests which shall consist only of subjects which will fairly determine the capacity of persons examined to perform duties of the position to which appointment is to be made. Such tests may include tests of physical fitness or manual skill, or both. 
(3) To make investigations concerning and report upon all matters touching the enforcement and effect of the provisions of this chapter, and the rules and regulations prescribed hereunder; to inspect all departments, offices, places, positions, and employments effected by this chapter, and ascertain whether this chapter and all such rules and regulations are being obeyed. 
(4) To conduct hearings and investigations in accordance with this chapter and by the rules of practice and procedure adopted by the commission, and in the conduct thereof neither the commission nor designated commissioner shall be bound by technical rules of evidence. 
(5) To hear and determine appeals or complaints respecting the allocation of positions, the rejection of an examinee, and such other matters as may be referred to the commission. 
(6) To provide for, formulate, and hold competitive tests to determine the relative qualifications of persons who seek employment in any class or position and as a result thereof establish eligible lists for the various classes of positions, and provide that person laid off, or who have accepted voluntary demotion in lieu of layoff, because of curtailment of expenditures, reduction in force, and for like causes, head the list in the order of their seniority, to the end that they shall be the first to be reemployed or reinstated in their former job class. 
(7) To certify to the appointing authority, when a vacant position is to be filled, on written request, the names of the five persons highest on the eligible list for the class. If there is no such list, authorize a provisional or temporary appointment list for such class. A temporary appointment expires after four months. 
(8) To keep such records as may be necessary for the proper administration of this chapter. 

Board Members & Staff


Civil Service Chair: Heather Green

Vice-Chair: Deborah Borches

Member: Marie Bjork-Haugen

Civil Service Chief Examiner & Clerk to the Board: Lyndsie R Halcro