Solid Waste

Welcome To Pend Oreille County’s Solid Waste Division.

Here you will find helpful information about our transfer stations and recycling available in Pend Oreille County. Our transfer stations offer recycling of paper, corrugated cardboard and metal at no charge. For a fee we do accept freezers, refrigerators, and a/c units.

Please join us in keeping our County beautiful with volunteer activities like Adopt-A-County Road Program. You can adopt a one or two mile stretch of county road to volunteer to clean up twice a year. This helps us keep our roadways clean and litter free. Its great to keep some of the gorgeous views Pend Oreille County has to offer. For the generous donation of your time we give you a couple of signs letting people who pass that this is indeed a cared for stretch of road.

You can also be an active member in the solid waste solutions of our County by becoming a member of our Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC). These meetings are a couple of times a year and open to the public. It lets us know how you would like us to handle things in your county. It gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard on issues like rates, services offered, and how the transfer stations operate.


  • Deer Valley and Ione Transfer Stations: $193 per ton plus tax-$14.00 minimum charge (0-140lbs)
  • Usk Transfer Station: $27.76 per cubic yard plus tax-$14.00 minimum charge (1-3 cans)
  • Freon appliances (A/C, Freezer, Refrigerator): free
  • Tires: tonnage rate

All loads inspected for hazardous materials. Loads found to contain asbestos materials will be rejected. All demolition/remodel loads subject to refusal without proper asbestos clearance documentation. Any customers with asbestos materials are referred to Graham Road Landfill for proper disposal. Graham Road Landfill | Management Facility (Disposal) |

Any questions please ask site staff or call 509-447-3054 or 509-447-6458.