Winter Road Maintenance

“Creating safe and passable roads within a reasonable period recognizing that each winter storm has its unique characteristics."

Certain roads in the County have a greater volume of traffic and require a higher priority for maintenance to serve the users. The concern of safety, general welfare, and duration of travel necessitate that priority be given to certain roads. However, in order to provide efficient operations, it may be necessary to partially complete a lower priority road to reach a road of higher priority. Snow and ice removal should generally be based on the following priority:

Priority 1-Roads with a functional classification of major collector (FFC 07) and school bus routes 

Priority 2-Roads with a functional classification of minor collector (FFC 08)

Priority 3-All other roads normally given snow and ice control (FFC 09)

Private Roads & County RW with Private Maintenance- Not maintained by County Road Department (Includes State Highways & City/Town Streets)

2023 Winter Maintenance

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