CRP 841 Leclerc Rd N Overlay

CRP 841 will overlay approximately 3.1 miles of Leclerc Road North. Connecting to the Phase 2 project, this work will extend the new surfacing along this corridor to 11.6 miles, or about 1/3 of the total length. Motorists can expect delays during this work, expected to begin in the summer of 2019. Project duration is anticipated to be 8 weeks.

Don Ramsey, P.E.
Project Engineer

George W. Luft
Design Engineer, Project Lead

Eric M. Roth, P.L.S.
Project Surveyor

  • Email: publicworks4u [at]
  • Phone: 509-447-4513
  • In Person: 625 W. 4th St. Newport, WA

Partners: WSDOT & County Road Administration Board along with Federal Highway Department

County Contribution (Estimated $)

Project Contract Amount- $951,000

Anticipated Project Start- Spring 2019

Anticipated Project Completion- Summer 2019

Contractor-Interstate Concrete and Asphalt

Project Timeline

  • Bids received and project awarded late fall 2018
  • Pre-Construction Meeting 3/2019
  • Set to begin work 5/29/2019