The Probation Department monitors individuals referred by the District & Superior courts for compliance with court ordered treatment, restitution, jail time, work crew, electric home monitoring, and other terms of probation. The probation department also monitors defendants subject to terms of release while a criminal action is pending.

Interstate Compact: Defendants convicted in Washington of offenses such as a second DUI, Assault Domestic Violence, use or possession of a firearm, or a Sexual Offense that requires registration cannot travel or relocate to another State without applying for approval under the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision. For further information, contact the Washington State Interstate Compact office at Phone#: 360-725-8736, or Fax#: 360-586-2192

Contact Information

Scott Cornwell, Probation Director

Scott Cornwell, Probation Director

Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm by appointment only
Phone: 509-447-3889 or 1-800-446-3889
Fax: 509-447-0755
Email: scornwell [at]
Address: PO Box 5030 Newport, WA 99156
Location: 229 S Garden Ave Newport, WA 99156