Infractions are citations issued by law enforcement officers for non-criminal offenses such as speeding or failure to have automobile insurance. The court may impose a monetary penalty but not jail.

The first thing you should do after receiving an infraction is to carefully read through it for your options. You must respond within 30 days of the date that the ticket was issued or 33 days from the date the notice is mailed. Your response must be postmarked by midnight of the day it is due at the court. If you do not respond or appear for court hearings: The court will find that you committed the infraction and the determination will be final unless contested; your penalty may be increased; failure to pay or failure to enter into a payment plan may result in a referral of your case to a collection agency, including garnishment of your wages and assets; AND if

  • Traffic-you may lose your license
  • Non-Traffic-It is a crime and will be treated accordingly.

Parking-DOL may refuse to renew your vehicle registration until any penalties imposed have been satisfied.

You have four options if you receive a notice of infraction: