Information Requests

There are two types of judicial records available upon request: (1) Court (case) records and (2) Administrative records.

Court Records

Court Records are those records filed with the court as part of a civil or criminal judicial proceeding. Access to these records is governed by GR (General Rule) 31 and are usually maintained by the court clerk. 31 court rule. Use the Case Records Request to obtain information about a specific defendant or case. Use the Request for Information for all other types of information, particularly broader requests for filings for a period, counts for a period, and detailed reports.

Administrative Records

Administrative Records are records pertaining to the management, supervision or administration of the Court itself (judicial branch). Access to judicial administrative records is governed by GR 31.1. For more information about administrative records requests, select: Access to Administrative Records. Use the GR 31.1 Public Records Request Form for administrative records requests.

For both Court and Administrative record requests, print out the request, sign it, and mail, deliver or fax the request to:

Pend Oreille County District Court
Attn: Administrator Rachel Johnson
229 S. Garden, P.O. Box 5030
Newport, Washington 99156
Fax: 509-447-5724

You can also attach the request to an email. Send to districtcourt [at]  Make sure you include your contact information so the court clerk can contact you regarding your request.