Below are links to a variety of websites for area resources and information around Healthy Minds, Substance Abuse, Mental Health Services and much more! 




Local Resources 

Family Crisis Network

Youth Emergency Services Y.E.S.

Newport Food Bank 


Pend Oreille Transportation Resources

Rural Resources Dial-A-Ride

Special Mobility Services


Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students

Taking mental health seriously is crucial, especially for college students and young individuals who may face stress, overwork, and other challenges. Up to 75% of college students with potential mental health issues don't seek help. Common issues include Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Addiction, and Eating disorders. Even those without significant issues can benefit from steps like exercise, sleep, diet adjustments, therapy, relaxation techniques, and psychiatric support.

Online College Guide for Students with Mental Health Disorders

Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students

Top 5 Mental Health Challenges Facing College Students and How to Get Help


Additional Resources