Superior Court Calendar & Docket

Court Calendar

Superior Court Judges:

The Honorable Patrick A. Monasmith

The Honorable Jessica T. Reeves

The Honorable Lech J Radzimski

Court Commissioner:

The Honorable Robin R. McCroskey

Pend Oreille Superior Court is held every Thursday as follows:

9:00 am   – Criminal Docket

10:00 am – Juvenile Docket

11:00 am – Dependency Docket

1:30 pm   – Civil, Probate, Guardianship & Contested Dependency Docket

1:30 pm   – Family Law Docket

See the Calendar Date below for which Judge will be hearing the docket.

Pend Oreille Commissioners Docket is held every other Friday as follows:

9:00 am –  Juvenile Docket

10:00 am – Contempt Hearings

10:30 am – Protection Orders & LFO Hearings

See the Calendar Date below for which Friday is a Commissioner Day.


The Pend Oreille County Law Library is available to attorneys and can be accessed thru the Pend Oreille County Clerk’s Office. The Law Library keeps a current subscription to Lexis Nexis. The Law Library is not open to the public.