General Jury Information

Welcome to Jury Duty! The courts all appreciate your willingness to serve in this vital role as a juror. Jury Recording: 509-447-1939

Note: Excusal from Jury service must be submitted in writing. Email Request are not accepted.

Jurors Must:  

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Reside in Pend Oreille County
  • Be able to communicate in the English language (RCW 2.36.070)  
  • Very few people are excused from jury duty. Jurors will be excused only upon a demonstration of undue financial hardship or extreme inconvenience or for other reasons provided by law. (RCW 2.36.100) Any juror wishing to be excused from service must complete the jury questionnaire. 

Length of Time

Most jury trials last 3 to 4 days and jurors are free to return home in the evenings. Jurors are usually required to serve on one trial. Keep in mind, if you are chosen to sit as a juror the trial may last longer than one week.

Courtroom Protocol

  • Dress appropriately. Dress, slacks, shirt, skirt or blouse show respect for the court. Clean jeans and dress shirt would also be acceptable. Hats are not allowed.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the courtroom.
  • Weapons of any kind are not allowed in the courthouse.
  • The courtroom is not an appropriate place for children. Please arrange for someone to watch them while you are in court.


Your employer must allow a juror time off from work to serve on jury duty. State law says employers “shall not deprive an employee of employment or threaten, coerce, or harass an employee or deny an employee promotional opportunities” for serving as a juror. However, an employer is not required to compensate the difference in pay for jury service. 

For any further questions please call the Pend Oreille County Clerk’s Office at 509-447-2435.

All of us at the courts look forward to your serving and assisting you during your jury service.