Inmate Phone System

Inmates who are housed in the Pend Oreille County Corrections have access to parties outside the facility by using the inmate telephone system. This system is owned and maintained by a private communications company, Consolidated Telecom Inc.

Inmates are allowed to make collect calls outside the facility by using an assigned PIN number or the inmate’s family or friends may set up an account by contacting Consolidated Telecom through the link above or by calling 1(702)829-3001. If you call the company telephone number, indicate the inmate is housed in Pend Oreille County Washington and the inmate’s name. An account will be set up in the inmate’s name which will allow the inmate to make calls to an outside party’s cell phone or land line. Funds from a debit or credit card may be placed onto the inmate’s phone account by friends and family on the company's website so the inmate may call non-collect.


CTEL provides a new system for inmates called Chirping. Chirping is a device that if requested by inmates can be provided to them. The Chirping device allows inmates to send text messages to family members. The chirping device allows inmates to send a certain amount of free text messages at the beginning. The inmate has 3 days after receiving the device to have funds be add to it. Funds can be added at<>. 

There is a monthly fee for the device and services, that will be deducted automatically. There are also flat rates for the messages. All fee charges for Chirp devices can be found on<> website.