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May 6-10 Candidate filing week

Candidate Filing Fee
Filing Fee is 1% of salary for yearly salaries over $1,000. It is $10.00 for an annual salary of $1,000 or less. If paid for attending meetings (per diem), with no fixed annual salary, then no filing fee is required.

2024 Pend Oreille County Offices Filing Fee:

Candidate Information and Guides:

Candidate Statements & Photograph for Voters’ Pamphlet Due May 21, 2024

Candidate Filing Requirements:

  • Registered to Vote
  • Live in District
  • Live in Commissioner District, if applicable

Local Voters’ Pamphlet Administrative Rules:

Candidates must also file with PDC:

Placement of Campaign Signs and Placards along Washington State Highways:

Precinct Committee Officers PCO:

Contact your local political party for more information about becoming a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO)

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