Designated Forest Land

Forest 1

Qualifications for This Program

Must have 5 acres or more

  • Grow and harvest timber for commercial use
  • Residential home sites are not allowed
  • If applying for 20 acres or less, a Timber Management Plan is REQUIRED to complete the application
  • Pay required application fee ($600.00 each parcel)
Forest 2

The completed application and $100.00 non-refundable application fee for each parcel must be returned to the Assessor’s Office by December 31.

The following year (2nd year) will be the inspection year. The property applied for will be physically inspected by the Assessor’s Office. Prior to July 31 of this year the Assessor’s Office will notify The Applicants in writing of the approval or denial. Upon approval, if the applicant would like to continue the application process, the $500.00 (per parcel) balance of the application fee is due (recording fees are included in application fees.)

The 3rd year will be the benefit year. All property that has been approved for the program will be added to tax rolls with the benefit.

Forest 3

PLEASE NOTE: Non-Compliance or change in use that causes removal will result in compensating taxes to be calculated with penalties and interest.

*Application fees are subject to change*

**A $40.00 service charge shall be charged by all offices and departments of Pend Oreille County for dishonored payments for whatever the reason.

Applications must be returned to the Pend Oreille County Assessor’s Office located at 625 W 4th St, Newport, WA 99156