Sales Tax Location Code

Important Notice

It is important to our county to have correct coding for building projects that occur throughout the county. Due to the fact that we share zip codes with cities, incorrect coding is used often. It would be very helpful if homeowners and businesses would forward this notice to all contractors and/or subcontractors working on projects for them in Pend Oreille County that are not within city limits. We appreciate your help.

Dear Contractor and /or Sub-Contractor:

The Sales/Use Tax four (4) digit location code for this construction project is:

#2600 – Unincorporated Pend Oreille County

Use this code when completing your Washington Combined Excise Tax Return, “Local city and /or County Sales and Use Tax” Section.

Correct coding is vital to our community and required by law. The cities or county receives a portion of the sales tax, determined by the code reported.

If a previous return has been miscoded or you have questions, please contact the treasurer [at] (Pend Oreille County Treasurer’s Office) at 509 447-3612, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Thank You.