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Make sure that emergency responders can find you more efficiently by having an address assigned to your property, residence, or business!

Getting an address in Pend Oreille County is now easier then ever. You can submit an address request online using the address submittal request form and receive a new official address within a 14 days of your submittal. There is no fee associated with getting an address assignment.

Once an address has been assigned, it is forwarded on to the other County departments, the E911 system, and agencies like the USPS. Applicants will be sent an Address Assignment Letter which can then use for address verification purposes such as getting on a mail route, DOL processes, and setting up PUD power accounts.

You can also use this application to request that an address be fixed if you suspect it of being incorrect, or to assign a secondary address on the same parcel.

Address Verifications and General Questions

Contact us directly, via phone or email, if there are questions or issues about any of the following. Please include pertinent information such as parcel numbers and any addresses:

  • You require proof of address for an existing address. If the given address is valid, then a “Address Verification Letter” will be sent to you.
  • An existing address is missing from a property’s taxing information. If the given address is valid then the County will update the property’s taxing information.
  • If you would like past records of address assignment and changes emailed to you.

How are addresses assigned?

In the unincorporated county, addresses are assigned based on the mileage from how far along a driveway is from the start of the named road it comes off of. For example, if the driveway comes off of Main Rd one mile from Main Rd’s starting point, then the address assignment would be 1000 or 1001; depending if it is on the odd or even side.

In Pend Oreille County’s cities, towns, and some parts of Urban Growth Areas, addresses are assigned using a block numbering scheme. A block numbering scheme means that each block increases in increments of 100. For example, the first block would contain addresses between 100-199 and the second block would contain addresses between 200-299 and so on; odds numbers would be on one side of the road and evens on the other.


Road Naming/Addressing Ordinance

Click here to read the Pend Oreille County 2020 Addressing Ordinance. The ordinance guides the methods and authority for how the County administers new and existing addresses and road names.

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