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Pend Oreille County has 3 Transfer Stations conveniently located in the County:

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Only CASH & CHECKS payable to Sunshine Disposal are accepted.

         1.  South County Station is west of Newport off Highway 2 at 9494 Deer Valley Road (Just west of Gray Road). They are open 8am-4pm Thursday through Monday; and closed Tuesday and Wednesday, 509-447-4513 or 509-447-3054. 

         2.  Central County Station is off Highway 211 at Jared Road near Usk.  They are open from 8am-4pm only on Wednesday and Saturday, 509-447-4513 or 509-445-0222.

         3.  North County Station is east of Ione located at 351 Ione Pit Rd Road.  They are open from 8am-4pm only on Wednesday and Saturday, 509-447-4513 or 509-442-3051. 

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Pend Oreille County has 2 private garbage pickup and dumpster hauling companies:

1.  The south end (from the Spokane County line up to Blue Slide-about 20 miles north of Cusick) is serviced by Excess Disposal, telephone #208-437-4502.

2.  The north end (from the Canadian border down to Tiger- about 5 miles south of Ione) is serviced by Gary's Garbage Service, telephone #509-442-3567

There currently is no curbside pickup of recyclables but recyclables (and household hazardous wastes) can be dropped off at each transfer station. (See right hand column for more information on recycling and household hazardous wastes).  Pend Oreille County's 3 transfer stations are also collection sites for Washington's Electronics E-Cycle(Click here to see the E-cycle brochure)


  Pend Oreille County Solid Waste

  PO Box 5041, 625 W. 4th St.  Newport, WA 99156 

  TELEPHONE:  509-447-4513      email Solid Waste

  Solid Waste Administration:

Sam Castro, Public Works Director     Amanda Griesemer, SW Coordinator   509-447-4513

Allen DenAdel, Hazardous Waste/Recycling Coordinator   509-447-3054 or 509-671-6147

Sunshine Disposal & Recycling, On-Site Transfer Station Operators  (click here for Sunshine Disposal website) 

All Pend Oreille County garbage is loaded into 53 foot containers at the South County Transfer Station which are then trucked to the Yardley Intermodal Railhead facilty in Spokane.  The containers are transported by Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) trains, up to a mile long, south to the Roosevelt Regional Landfill in Klickitat County, Washington. (See Roosevelt Landfill Seattle Times article at right)                                                                                                                                                   

Solid Waste Info

             SOLID WASTE INFO

     Adopt A County Road Program

    Hazardous Waste Information  

    Maria's Unsecured Load Story

    Recycle Information 

    Roosevelt Landfill, Klickitat County   

     Solid Waste Advisory Committee   

     Solid Waste & Moderate Risk Survey

     Solid Waste Plan Update 2010

    Transfer Station Holiday Closure Schedule

    Transfer Station Directions & Hours    

    Transfer Station Disposal Rates

     TONS of County Garbage Landfilled    

   Transfer Station Operations Plan 2012







    Excel Baler & John Deere Skidsteer




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