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Ione Details


  • Hotel/Motel/B&B: Box Canyon Motel, River View Inn, Plaza Motel, Ione Motel
  • RV/Camp Sites: Ione Motel & RV Park, Box Canyon Resort, Edgewater Campground, Cedar Creek RV Park 
  • Meeting Centers: Ione Community Center, Senior Center, Fire Hall
  • Restaurants: Cabin Grill 

Athletic Facilities

  • Playing Fields: Selkirk High School athletic field, City Park, school facilities, Ione softball field
  • Golf Course: Serendipity Golf Course

City Officials

  • Mayor: Jessica Davis 
  • Councilmember: Charles Spears
  • Councilmember: Dylan Powers 
  • Councilmember: Donald Fowell
  • Councilmember: Ken Timmreck
  • Councilmember: John Redinger
  • Town Clerk: Sandy Hutchinson 
  • Fire Chief: Terry Bordon
  • Address: P.O. Box 498 Ione, Wa 99139
  • Phone: (509) 442-3611
  • Fax: (509) 442-3181    
  • Council Meets first and third  Wednesday of each month at 7PM, at the clerk's office.

City Profile

  • Weather: The temperature ranges between 20 F and 80 F. The average precipitation is 30".
  • The growing season averages 50 days per year.
  • Population: 479


  • The Ione area offers three Internet Service Providers as well as fiber-optic.

Cultural Facilities

  • Library: Pend Oreille Public Library - Ione Branch
  • Historical Sites: Tiger Museum, Old Town of Cement
  • Performing Arts: Selkirk High School Auditorium

Health Care

  • Medical Care: Medical facilities are limited to doctor clinic and emergency technicians. The closest hospitals are in Colville, 44 miles away and Newport, 50 miles away.
  • Fire District II is used to transport emergency patients to Sacred Heart and Deaconess Medical Centers in Spokane via Med-Star from the Ione Airport.


  • Major Employers: Ponderay Newsprint Co. (207); Ponderay Valley Fibre (72); School District # 59 (50); Public Utility District #1 (23) Seattle City Lights, TeckCominco Mine


  • Parks: Ione City Park & Boat Launch
  • Water Access: Box Canyon, Sullivan Lake, Edgewater, Pend Oreille River


  • Fire Department: 2 staff members and 25 volunteer firefighters.
  • Police Department: One officer and six volunteers


Local Taxes

  • Retail Sales: Combined State and local retail sales tax is 7.5% Real
  • Property/School Levy/Bond $13.14 per $1,000 assessed valuation


  • Air: Spokane International Airport (105 miles) has major passenger and freight carriers. The Robert Davis Airport in Ione hosts private aircraft. Ione Municipal Airport
  • Rail: There is freight rail service by the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad from Newport to Ione. The line is mostly used for tourist rides between the towns of Ione and Metaline Falls.
  • Trucking: Several trucking firms serve Ione: Fast Way, Spokane Transfer, Federal Express and United Parcel Service.

Utility Service

  • Water: Total capacity of 17,534.25 gallons per day. Pressure rate is 45 to 85 pounds per square inch. In-city residential rates are $27.20. Large company and industrial rates are set by the Town Council.
  • Sanitary Sewer: Capacity is 8,219.18 gallons per day. Type of treatment is evaporation/lagoon. Residential in-city user rate is $20.80/mo. Large company and industrial rates are set by the Town Council.
  • Electricity: Provided by Pend Oreille Public Utility District. Base charge is $15. Energy rate is $0.025 per kWh. 

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